NOTE: These strategies work best for business owners selling beauty products online and NOT for service-based businesses

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As a Business Strategist and Coach, I help driven and motivated beauty brand owners effectively position themselves as a premium

beauty brand that consistently attracts and magnetize premium shoppers. I help them elevate their positioning, messaging, and marketing so that they can make an impact on more people's lives with their beauty products and gain consistent cashflow while being free from burnout.

In the last 10 years, I've been changing the DNA of brands and helping them to be more profitable in the corporate sector for a fortune 500 company in sales and marketing. In that time, I single-handedly helped over 450 businesses in over 30 industries (including beauty) generate 5.7 million dollars in revenue working with 7-8 figure brands.

I also can definitely say I've walked in the shoes of a beauty brand owner as in 2015 I started and grew a premium beauty brand to six figures within a year and a half (even after dropping a toxic business partner and almost going bankrupt)...

I now spend my days helping dedicated and driven women just like you... the unemployable.. the ones who are so dedicated to elevating their beauty brands, the women who are READY TO GO and rise to the top of the beauty industry. I don't have a large list or following online and I'm not some influencer rocking designer every day of the week flying on private jets (while a private jet is the goal)

I'm a wife and dog-mom and just a girl born and raised in the hood of Oakland, CA before moving to small town Mississippi at 10 who has been able to rise to the top through playing big, betting on myself, and consistently pushing myself to elevate despite all the obstacles I may face.

I'll share exactly how you can elevate your beauty brand in this mini course so be sure to check it out at the button below

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Okay, but who the hell is Fatima Barnes to show you how to win in your beauty business:

A poor black girl growing up in the hood and moved to small town Mississippi who did not have many options is who I, Fatima was

I made a decision that I would never remain poor and hustled my way to get a business degree and work at a Fortune 500 company helping businesses with their marketing strategy

After generating over 5.4 million dollars for brands in over 30 different industries personally, I was racially treated, under appreciated and denied promotion…

So I quit to start my beauty brand. I struggled to get sales while driving hours to pop up shops and just when I was about to quit, I remembered why the companies I once helped in corporate succeeded…

And by implementing them, my beauty brand grew to 6 figures in a year and half

And now, I want to show you how to use these same strategies in this training